First Oklahoma Federal Credit Union

Tulsa, OK

PROJECT OVERVIEW Reading Time: < 1 minute

First Oklahoma Federal Credit Union pioneers a new standard in member service.

First Oklahoma Federal Credit Union, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, faced the challenge of revitalizing its outdated headquarters and envisioned a modernized operation to better serve its members. To achieve this, they partnered with The Element Group to transform both the physical space and the overall member experience, ensuring First Oklahoma’s continued leadership in community financial services.

Together, we identified three primary objectives for the project:

  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Foster stronger member relationships
  • Create a distinctive presence in the local financial market

With a clear vision and enthusiasm for new ideas and technologies, First Oklahoma was ready to embark on this transformative journey.


  • First Oklahoma Federal Credit Union

Financial Institution Type

  • Credit union headquarters and branch


  • Branch construction
  • Incorporated Interactive Teller Machines
  • Interior design
  • Member experience enhancement


  • Member-centric design
  • Advanced technology integration
  • Efficient space utilization
  • Custom branding elements

The Challenge

The credit union headquarters is situated in an often overlooked area of Tulsa, making a significant upgrade essential for maintaining and improving service quality. The challenge was to integrate modern technology while preserving the personal touch that members value.

After in-depth discussions and planning, it was clear that balancing innovation with familiarity was the key to success. The leadership team was thoughtful about introducing new technologies and eager to explore solutions that would enhance the member experience.

First OK Credit Union office area

Every Bit Matters

Today, First Oklahoma Federal Credit Union’s headquarters is a modern, welcoming space that promotes stronger member interactions. The new design features interactive teller machines (ITMs) and advanced touchscreen technology, which have improved operational efficiency and member satisfaction. The seamless blend of technology and personal service has set a new benchmark for credit unions in the region.

One of the most significant outcomes of this project has been the positive feedback from both staff and members. The new headquarters is not just a functional space but a vibrant environment where members feel valued and supported. The innovative layout encourages meaningful interactions, making every visit pleasant and productive.

The collaboration has been instrumental in redefining what a community-focused financial institution can achieve, setting a new standard for member service and operational efficiency, and paving the way for future expansions.

Seeing our new headquarters come to life was an incredible experience. It was a complete culture change and a true reflection of our core values. We’re very excited to finally be able to do what we’ve wanted to do for years.
John Freeman
President & CEO
First Oklahoma Federal Credit Union

First Oklahoma Federal Credit Union’s experience demonstrates how a clear vision combined with the right partnership can transform challenges into opportunities. The project has set the foundation for a future where technology and personal service coexist harmoniously, ensuring that First Oklahoma remains at the forefront of financial services in the community.