UMassFive College Credit Union transforms their space for members and employees

Hadley, MA

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a new space and environment that supports the needs of staff and members

What started as a small walk-up counter on a college campus quickly grew into a full-service credit union branch and headquarters location for UMassFive College Federal Credit Union. The decision was made by faculty and board advisors that they would need a larger space to accommodate the needs of their members and employees while being easily accessible from campus. When an opportunity arose to renovate space in the student union, the credit union jumped on it!

The UMassFive College Federal Credit Union headquarters and main retail branch transformation was designed to support their long-term goals and growth. This transformation has allowed UMassFive to:

  • Provide space and an environment that supports the needs of staff and members.
  • Deliver a new experience through digital signage, interior design and environmental graphics.
  • Grow their financial offerings to provide a deeper level of financial support to members.


  • UMassFive College Credit Union

financial institution type

  • Credit Union



  • 4 screen video wall
  • ATM surrounds
  • Brand treatment

the challenge

a complete transformation to create a new headquarter location

Upon visiting the campus, Element immediately saw the opportunity to completely transform the space into a fully functional financial environment and headquarter location for employees. Client interviews provided valuable information related to workflow and adjacency requirements. Communication nooks with café tables, training and conference rooms, and a break room were added to the overall program. Updated finishes, natural lighting, and furnishings with ergonomic features created a brighter, more pleasing environment. Brand elements were expanded into employee areas to create a connection to other locations.

A hallway with a wall of pictures that go together to create a landscape of a river.
Three red, leather chairs with attached tables, sitting in front of wall of television screens.

every bit matters

new opportunities to communicate the brand's message

With newfound marketing materials available, the branch now has the ability to rotate their brand message with unique offerings and promotional items they feel will benefit its members. The new layout has allowed for a more efficient workflow, with improved communication and collaboration for UMassFive staff.


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