design for the future. build for sustainability. implement for a seamless customer experience.

Transform your financial retail environment into a dynamic experience that engages customers the moment they step in the door.

Our Mission

Together with our financial partners we collaborate and strategize how to achieve the personal needs of community banks and credit unions. Our team approach ensures a seamless process allowing you to best serve your employees, customers, members, and local communities.

From cutting-edge graphic and digital design to intentional architectural environments, we pride ourselves on delivering full solutions, nationwide.

Why Element?

we know that every bit of your financial institution’s physical space matters.

In today’s digital age, the Element Group partners with financial institutions to expand perceptions of what retail banking can deliver. With deep, specialized expertise in design, build, and engagement services for community banks and credit unions, we help unlock the potential of your physical space to provide an experience that consistently exceeds expectations.

  • Creative Design
  • High Quality Building
  • Digital Engagement
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A bank lobby, from a second-floor, balcony view.
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what's it like to work with us?

When you partner with us, our first job is to listen. Our goal is to get to know your organization, the needs of your employees and customers, and your institution's position in the community. Once we gain a complete understanding of your branch environment, we begin to strategize how to effectively implement the right solution or combination of solutions.

Working with Element


We facilitate discussion sessions to refine your strategic direction, build consensus, and explore customer engagement strategies.


Through design-development activities, we'll help you integrate concepts with retail strategies to maximize the use of your space and create a positive retail environment.


We work with your staff to help them understand and guide the customer's journey through your space (we call this choreography). Employees learn to take a proactive approach to engaging guests, rather than simply reacting to their needs.


every bit matters. it’s not just a tagline — it’s a guiding principle that informs everything we do.

A man writing with a pen on a pad of paper.

“Banks and credit unions are all selling similar products, similar services, and have pretty much the same rates. None of that is really a differentiator for them. So we have to find the little things that make them unique, that separate them from the competition.

Invariably, it’s the small things that make a big difference.”

Nate Baldasaro 
Co-Founder, The Element Group

“Prospects will hear design-build and immediately think ‘architectural firm or general contractor.’ However, this misses the creativity and ingenuity at the heart of our process. These are the skills that keep us mindful of each client’s unique timing, allowing them to achieve higher efficiency than their competition and remain operational during implementation and closeout.

Element is mindful of each client’s unique timing needs.”

William Foley
Co-Founder, The Element Group

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Experts in every sense

The Element Group is a diverse crew of multi-talented people working to create dynamic and engaging financial environments. Our combined experiences are what bring your projects to life.

Meet the team


our clients talk

I LOVE our new branch! It’s awesome and an experience like no other! Everyone that stops in loves it too!
Corey Dahle
Chief Experience Officer
Idaho Central Credit Union
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It wasn’t just about the job at hand, but care and drive to focus on a common cause.
Kacey Clayborn
Facilities Manager
Opportunity Bank
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The way Mac manages [our] relationship is not just through the products and services. He engaged us on our needs, always kept in touch, and always centered the conversation on our vision.
Ismael “Ish” Eustaquio
Senior Vice President Retail Banking Division
Hawaii State Federal Credit Union
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We had a vision and everyone at Element bought into it right away with their customizations. Nothing Element did was off the shelf. What resulted was a welcoming space that physically shows our connectedness to the community and helps us deliver on our mission — to provide strong financial futures for Montanans.
Pete Johnson
Opportunity Bank
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From ownership to service calls, the Element team is dedicated to its clients and their projects. It felt like we worked side by side to accomplish a huge accomplishment all during a pandemic.
Robb Scott
President and Chief Executive Officer
Copper State Credit Union
Every bit matters. Not only is this our tagline, but it's also a motto that we strive to live up to. The difference between good and great is minute. We can't lose sight of the small details that truly separate excellence.
Nate Baldasaro
The Element Group
The Element Story

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