Desert Financial Credit Union

Scottsdale, AZ

PROJECT OVERVIEW Reading Time: < 1 minute

To meet their goal of elevating the member experience, Desert Financial Credit Union launched a new prototype retail branch model at their Scottsdale location. This initiative marked a departure from traditional layouts, instead adopting a consultative and advisory approach with designated zones for member interactions. This model emphasizes personal engagement and advice, moving away from transactional encounters toward meaningful conversations within the branch.

Paired with an open concept layout, the Scottsdale branch achieved its goal as a scale-able prototype, designed to serve as the inspiration for a series of four in-store branches. Featuring teller pods, cash recyclers, glass offices, digital touch experiences, tablets, and even a coffee bar, this branch became a more intimate transaction model, and helped bring the Scottsdale location a full 180 degrees.


  • Desert Financial Credit Union

Financial Institution Type

  • Credit Union


  • 7520 sq ft
  • Open concept layout
  • Teller pods
  • Digital signage and touch experiences
  • Universal Advocate Model


  • Designed to serve as a scalable prototype for future branch
  • Encourage and introduce sales culture
  • Implement new technology – transactional devices and communication focused
  • Digital signage and touch implementation
  • Create offstage areas for employees
  • Create a space geared towards adding lines of business
  • 14 weeks design/14 weeks implementation

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