Our Process

when every bit matters, it's all about the relationship.


element approaches the design and implementation process in five phases.

Phase I: Information gathering/branch analysis.

Element will perform a series of activities to gather information we consider crucial to the development of a design strategy.

Phase II: Onsite photos and measurements.

Your Element project manager will perform a site visit to take photographs and measurements of the current environment.

Phase III: Design development.

Design development activities will integrate concepts with retail strategies to maximize the effective use of space and create a positive selling environment.

Phase IV: Implementation.

Our approach respects existing relationships (many of whom are customers or potential customers) and will incorporate these companies' services into our project.

Phase V: Analysis and ongoing needs.

We are here to support your needs and to grow our relationship through our ongoing support and continued communication.


the element process is designed to maintain the relationship between the institution and us.

The specific Element team assigned to work with your institution will be dedicated to this sole project. Our design team’s priority will be to understand the experience that your organization would like to deliver, then use that information as a solid base for their designs. Our knowledge of and familiarity with your brand will grow over time as our team works to gain a deeper understanding of your brand identity and goals.

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project management that works

Throughout the duration of the project, the Element team will:

  • Establish regular status calls to check in and ensure the project is on track and on budget.
  • Seek to understand, discuss, and quickly address any areas of need.
  • Upon completion, remain available via phone and email.

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