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A branch renovation is designed with a clear focus on growing sales by attracting new customers, enhancing the client experience, and reflecting the personality and values of the brand. Construction can be arranged around a closed branch or one that is still doing business. A branch transformation allows financial institutions to:


Grow market share in the community through an innovative, customer focused design.


Attract a younger demographic through the use of technology and design.

be consistent

Maintain a consistent look and feel across all locations.

A bank lobby with a screen on the wall that says Welcome

Reallocate Misused Space

Evaluating the footprint of your space and how it is currently being utilized opens up a great opportunity to reallocate space that isn’t currently being used to its maximum potential.

Integrate new technology

Redesigning and remodeling your financial institution also opens up the opportunity to integrate newer, better technology. Often, lobbies are designed around functionality, and a big part of that is technology.

A display room with a giant iphone monitor
A hallway with a wall of monitors displaying pretty rocks
A waiting room with a television showing the weather above a fireplace
A drive-up ATM outside a Park and Go parking lot.

reduce staffing requirements

From an operational perspective, reducing the number of full-time employees required to run a branch can be a benefit. This allows you to allocate a significant amount of resources back into the bank to help with planning, initiatives, and other projects.

update exterior

It’s truly amazing what can be accomplished with a thorough remodel, including the exterior of a branch. New windows, siding, roofing, and landscaping enhances curb appeal and can be remodeled to tell a story.



our clients talk

Element doesn't just build and leave. Together, we complete ongoing projects to constantly create different experiences. It's a great business model; it's a great relationship model.
Ryan Hirata
Marketing Manager
Hawaii State Federal Credit Union
I think the big takeaway is that the Element team is not just listening to what we're saying. They're hearing what we're saying. There's a big difference.
Aaron Vallely
Executive Vice President Retail & Operations
Hawaii State Federal Credit Union
It's always good when you can partner with a team or vendor and it just clicks. It was a great collaboration — Element really listened, and they were very responsive. I don't think anybody in Mobile is going to have what we have.
Edith Franklin
President & CEO
New Horizons Credit Union
One of the things I realized was that we didn’t want to just do business with someone we wanted to grow with someone, we looked at our organization and found similar core values with The Element Group.
Ismael “Ish” Eustaquio
Senior Vice President Retail Banking Division
Hawaii State Federal Credit Union
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It wasn’t just about the job at hand, but care and drive to focus on a common cause.
Kacey Clayborn
Facilities Manager
Opportunity Bank
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