Opportunity Bank brings teams together through a large scale renovation

Helena, MT

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Opportunity Bank brings teams together through a large scale renovation

This project was a headquarters renovation that was implemented with a multiple phase approach. Highly complex, the partnership between Element and Opportunity Bank had the necessary components to orchestrate a complete renovation throughout the three floors of this project. The renovations were done at night when the branch was closed thanks to a team of very capable professional partners that worked tirelessly to keep the staff operating during banking hours while transforming the entire space.

Opportunity Bank needed a full renovation from top to bottom of their headquarters in Helena, Montana. A team of experts from Element interpreted the vision of the team at Opportunity Bank to create a warm and inviting space that focused on the principles embraced within the brand identity and mission of Opportunity Bank. This project required technical expertise and the ability to flex within the space while it was occupied.


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the challenge

Working while renovating

The physical space had not been renovated since the 1990s and was overdue for updating, the branch would remain on the first floor while the executive office would be on the second floor, the basement would function as a training room, community room and employee break room. With any fully occupied renovation, there had to be sensitivity to the disruption of the work space and the way the employees had to continued to do their jobs.

A waiting area in a bank with a self-serve coffee station.
A large bank lobby with a waiting area, fireplace, large table, and chairs.

every bit matters

Focused on the end result

Using the vision that the client had in mind, the design teams at Element took those ideas and created a warm and inviting space that had functionality and supported the brand identity throughout the floorplan. Construction was done in the evenings after banking hours so that disruption to the staff was minimized. Communication was constant throughout the process for all of the partners involved on this project so that concerns and problems were addressed in a timely manner to keep the project on schedule and on budget.


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