Copper State Credit Union focuses on employee efficiency

Phoenix, AZ

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delivering new experiences through environmental design

Copper State Credit Union was formed in 2020 as the result of a merger of two equally sized credit unions: Canyon State Credit Union and Deer Valley Credit Union. The name Copper State Credit Union was chosen for many reasons, but since the institution’s main goal is to strengthen Arizona families through financial empowerment, it makes sense that their name alludes to an element like copper.

Copper is a tough, strong metal, so this credit union’s name symbolizes ongoing strength for members. Copper is a metal that can be joined to create something bigger, longer, and stronger — just as the two credit unions did through their merger. Copper is also a conductor of electricity, allowing the current to flow without loss of effectiveness. Likewise, Copper State Credit Union strives to:

  • Be a conductor of financial education and knowledge for their members and the communities they serve.
  • Develop their company culture after the merging of two credit unions.
  • Create an environment that fosters employee performance and wellness.
  • Deliver a new experience through digital signage, interior design, and environmental graphics.


  • Copper State Credit Union

financial institution type

  • Credit Union



  • Core values wall
  • Green wall
  • Digital signage throughout

the challenge

joining forces for community empowerment

Following the merger of Canyon State Credit Union and Deer Valley Credit Union, Copper State felt it was only appropriate to symbolize this unity by clarifying their joint mission, vision, and values as a newly branded financial institution. The rebranding included a new name as well as an entire headquarters renovation to bring the teams together. And since their number one goal is to empower Arizonans through financial education, it was crucial that the space convey an air of unification and security.

A dining hall with a kitchen and foosball table in the back.
An office lobby with a glass conference room in the background.

every bit matters

setting teams up for success

Copper State Credit Union’s headquarters location unifies the combined executive teams and staff with an environment that supports their company culture and maximizes employee potential. Departments and teams are now organized in a way that supports collaboration and connection, which encourages better employee performance. Offices and conference rooms are strategically located along the Promenade: the backbone of the office that serves as a connection between all departments. Low panel height workstations along windows allow natural light into the office and provide views from every workspace.


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