Pacific Continental Bank updates their branch with new technologies

Vancouver, WA

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a new branch, new technology, and a cozy and inviting space for customers

Pacific Continental Bank’s Vancouver branch is cozy and inviting. The warm and natural materials welcome you into the branch with a wood plank tile, cork insets and stone interactive columns, as well as an eye-catching fireplace. Element helped this client represent themselves as ‘the right bank’ for the community of Vancouver, WA through touchscreen and digital technology, and a welcoming lobby environment with many places to sit down with a friend, by yourself, or to meet with a banker. With many private offices and available staff, all your needs can be met in this one branch location.

This community bank is truly invested in their community. Their community room is available for the people of Vancouver on a 24-hour basis. This room can be arranged to fit any form or function needed, from a staff meeting, to a community benefit, internal training, holiday party and more. To bring this room even more into the physical community, all the windows open up to let fresh air into the space and bring in friendly interaction from the street.


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the challenge

design that lasts, for clients who stick around

Pacific Continental Bank has unique expertise in providing banking services to community-based businesses, nonprofit organizations, professional service providers and healthcare fields such as dental practices and veterinary clinics. Their team of bankers understands the challenges and opportunities unique to the industries they serve, and they work hard to help you succeed. This dedication has resulted in thousands of clients banking with Pacific Continental for at least a decade, some for more than 30 years.

A business resource center waiting room with a wall of resources.

every bit matters

a comfortable space that meets clients' needs

Element worked hard to create a space that was unique to its location and clients’ needs. Just a few of our major focus points were a 24-hour ATM, digital and touchscreen integration, local artwork, large teller areas for employee and member comfort, and plug-in stations for phones and other electronic devices. Lastly, the beautiful handmade wood tables located in the conference room and lobby tie the space together and give the branch a sense of comfort.


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