Needham Bank brings contemporary to traditional banking

Ashland, MA

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bringing contemporary style into traditional banking

Historically, Needham Bank is fairly traditional in design and style, but they recently initiated a transition into a more contemporary and technologically relevant space. We had already done some interior graphics and exterior brand work, such as window banding and compliance pieces, but the Needham Bank branch in Ashland, Massachusetts is a total renovation project that allowed for some more progressive elements.

The branch that began as a slight transition into a more contemporary look developed into a project that allowed us to expand on the original concept and ultimately implement state-of-the-art technology and move Needham Bank into a very contemporary direction.


  • Needham Bank

financial institution type

  • Bank



  • Teller pods
  • Fabric graphics
  • Local artist features

the challenge

traditional in style, but moving toward contemporary

As always, we start with a strategic plan, while realizing that there will be revisions throughout the process in order to fit within the confines of a space. This particular space had already been through some major changes. It first started as a bank, was changed into a barbershop, and then back to a bank. The whole idea behind the build-out was to establish a new brand identity to be used moving forward that remains consistent within all Needham Banks. It is still traditional in style, but is moving the brand into something more contemporary.


every bit matters

adding color to a neutral palette through technology

The interior remains neutral in palette, and maintains the sophistication of earth tones. The real color of the project comes out in the inclusion of technology. The major components of change include moving away from traditional teller counters to teller pods, and recyclers that helped leverage the architectural equity and take the space to the next level.


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