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rally your troops and start simply.

An educated and enthusiastic workforce is vital to the success of change. Equip your team to deploy video banking across multiple channels, including branches, interactive teller machines (ITMs), online banking, and mobile banking.

identify use cases

Branch audits can help you develop use cases for video banking — no call center required.

increase staff reach

Put your top-performing employees in front of more consumers than ever before.

keep it simple

Provide your clients with the tools they need, whenever they need them.

happy branch = happy customers

Don't underestimate the power of banking with a smile.

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network roll-out

Following the mass suspension of in-person interactions during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020-21, many banks were forced to adjust and change their video banking rollouts. Branches with the technology already in place were prepared for an emergency and could address the shutdown, but those behind the curve were forced to change how they deployed video banking overnight.

We’re equipped to guide institutions of any size through a timely, network-wide transition to video banking. Your customers (and employees) will thank you.

location-agnostic digital engagement

Recent changes in consumer behavior indicate that the static branch staffing model is ready to shift to digital. Universal bankers are the Swiss army knife of an organization, prepared to serve and engage across all delivery channels.

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our clients talk

It wasn’t just about the job at hand, but care and drive to focus on a common cause.
Kacey Clayborn
Facilities Manager
Opportunity Bank
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From ownership to service calls, the Element team is dedicated to its clients and their projects. It felt like we worked side by side to accomplish a huge accomplishment all during a pandemic.
Robb Scott
President and Chief Executive Officer
Copper State Credit Union
The way Mac manages [our] relationship is not just through the products and services. He engaged us on our needs, always kept in touch, and always centered the conversation on our vision.
Ismael “Ish” Eustaquio
Senior Vice President Retail Banking Division
Hawaii State Federal Credit Union
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I LOVE our new branch! It’s awesome and an experience like no other! Everyone that stops in loves it too!
Corey Dahle
Chief Experience Officer
Idaho Central Credit Union
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We had a vision and everyone at Element bought into it right away with their customizations. Nothing Element did was off the shelf. What resulted was a welcoming space that physically shows our connectedness to the community and helps us deliver on our mission — to provide strong financial futures for Montanans.
Pete Johnson
Opportunity Bank
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Every bit matters. Not only is this our tagline, but it's also a motto that we strive to live up to. The difference between good and great is minute. We can't lose sight of the small details that truly separate excellence.
Nate Baldasaro
The Element Group
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