Blue Hills Bank consistent branding throughout the network

Westwood, MA

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creating brand consistency within blue hills bank

Blue Hills Bank in Westwood, MA is an aesthetically stimulating space with vibrant, almost electric blues. It’s a clean, clutter-free space that’s welcoming and easy to navigate while making the 2,300-square-foot space appear more spacious. Element had already been involved with seven previous Blue Hills Bank branches by the time we started our work on the Westwood branch. As such, this branch became an extension of what we had previously created in the other locations. The bank’s unique graphics, architecture, and technology are now defined elements of the Blue Hills Bank brand.

However, our work on the other Blue Hills locations were renovations of existing spaces, while the Westwood branch was an entirely new build. This start-to-finish project involved architectural design, interior design, and graphic design.


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the challenge

inviting space for customers

The Westwood branch is part of a plaza style complex. We needed to integrate the desired Blue Hills Bank build-out into the architectural design of the existing plaza. This challenge included dealing with two large exterior towers, but also allowed for great brand exposure from the road. We also needed to incorporate custom exterior signage, including directional signs and ATM signs. In what may have been our biggest challenge within the project, we applied two acrylic lit panels onto the towers — with a great end result. We installed blue awnings above the exterior windows, an inviting element that we’ve found customers really connect with.


every bit matters

simple sophistication

We wanted to establish a tech savvy presence in this space while maintaining its openness. The result is an incredibly bright, modern space that makes a great example of what new bank construction looks like, without being sterile. Like many of our projects, Blue Hills Bank Westwood includes state-of-the-art, interactive technology such as touch and digital screens.


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