Northeast Bank in Portland, ME is a new client for Element and therefore prior to beginning the conceptual and physical work on the branch we needed to research the Northeast Bank brand and understand the history and future goals for the brand. Starting from ‘scratch’ we don’t have the ability to utilize existing elements from any earlier work so the conceptual process is combined with the information gathering process while staying on track with expected timelines. We also need to align with current brand identifiers while bringing in our fresh ideas on moving the brand forward. The end result is a beautiful, colorful, bright, user-friendly space that is a highlight to the neighborhood both inside and out.

The Portland space is fairly small at approximately 1,600 square feet located on a busy street so we wanted to make a strong connection between the branch interior and the passerby traffic. Being a seaside city, it was a natural for us to use ocean scape design. We started with a sculpted wall that looks like a blue wave. We were then able to develop a very nautical atmosphere throughout the entire branch using curves and ramps that continue the ocean wave façade’. Another main feature is a light maple wood ceiling that really sets the space apart and eludes to a ceiling atop a boat. The blue and green colors contribute to the coastal feeling environment and all project to the street through large windows.

We also utilized the large windows to apply graphics that make a nice distinction between the interior and exterior while not diluting the open connection between the two. At night the frosted waves on the glass glow and are extremely artful. 

Also included in the interior of the branch is a community wall and small business resource center graphics and a raised acrylic screen wraps behind the entire teller line offering great brand exposure.

The Northeast Bank in Portland fits perfectly in the port city that contributes to one of the most fashionable coastal towns in the Northeast.