At the New Hampshire Welcome Center on I-93 North in Hooksett, you’ll find clean bathrooms, restaurants, a giant liquor store, and a very small bank office. Despite being only 900 square feet, it’s a fully functioning branch complete with private offices, a technology center, an education area, teller pod and of course, an ATM. The newly opened 8th branch office location of Merrimack County Savings Bank packs a great deal of punch in a very small space.

With that stated, our initial and obvious challenge was creating space for all bank functions in a small, shared area; we had to fit a lot of functionality and ideas into one small space. However, Element rose to the challenge and was successful in establishing a full-service branch that complements the new and beautiful New Hampshire Welcome Center.

The building is designed to reflect the rustic, forested mountains of northern New Hampshire. We developed environmental graphics that aligned perfectly with the architecture and aesthetics of the building, while maintaining the identity of The Merrimack County Savings Bank's brand. We used a lot of earth tones and greens, updating the palette with brighter accent colors, which blended well with the newness of the building. Because the branch is such a small footprint, we wanted to make it as bright as possible. We achieved this through our use of 3-form, a see-through acrylic material that highlights earthy greens and bright blues.

In this particular case, size mattered. We utilized smaller profile furniture and incorporated as much storage as possible in the offices in order to maximize the space. As a way of highlighting technology within the branch we added metal accents and introduced a teller pod, a new standard in the banking industry.

Located in our home state, this versatile and contemporary branch became a dear project to us. We were excited to take part in a state-based project that truly represents the natural beauty of New Hampshire, while also highlighting the progressiveness of the financial industry and our client.