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Intern Spotlight – Reece Kneissler

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Bryn Baldasaro, content development
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Who are you interning under, what is your role?

I am a marketing intern under Marc Healy, and my role is to assist the marketing department with stuff like HubSpot, LinkedIn, really whatever the team needs. I haven’t used HubSpot that much, but I had a few courses that required me to use it, so I’m excited to play around and continue tinkering on the platform.

How did you hear about Element?

I actually found a listing for Element on Indeed; it sounded great so I applied! I have had a lot of marketing classes, and this led me to focus on the field. I saw a lot of things that I had experience before. The internship fit right into my marketing pathway at school.

Have you interned with us before, if not, have you interned elsewhere?

No, I have not! This is my first internship.

Where do you go to school? What year are you and what do you study? Any courses that prepared you for this internship?

I am a business economics major at the University of Maine at Farmington. I am a second semester senior and am graduating in Fall 2022.

Really a lot of my classes have helped me, but my Digital Marketing course last semester touched on a lot of the things that I have to know here like SEO, PPC, Social Media Advertising, and Marketing. We looked at a company and had to mockup a marketing plan for them.

Another I have really been enjoying is my logic class, Critical Thinking, which really is my last credit I need before I graduate. It’s been great learning how to analyze, make arguments, and just to understand the principles of logic.

What drew you to your field?

I would say my mom, who is in Marketing, and my sister graduated in Economics, so Business Economics was a great fusion of the two.

What are some goals that you wish to accomplish through this internship? Is there something that you are most excited to be working on/currently working on?

I want to become more proficient in HubSpot, use that more in depth, I think really understanding it will help me in the long run. The same applies to ZoomInfo and Smartsheet; I really want to get familiar with those. I am also hoping to look back at the fundamentals, not only of marketing, but business in general to review how things work on a practical level.

In terms of goals? I think to provide value, and the best ways to do that.

now for some Fun Questions!

Any pets?

I do, actually. I have two. One is a golden doodle named Ollie. We got her last October thinking she was a boy but found out it was really the opposite, and kept the name.

Ollie and Reece

She’s about nine months. The other is a cat named Boo, named by my sister. He’s got to be about eight now and is a tiny grey cat. We just lost a cat that we had gotten when I was in fifth grade named Lilo, like Lilo and Stitch.

Cat person or dog person?

A few months ago, I would’ve said cats, but now after Ollie? I would have to say dogs.

Do you play a sport? If so, which, what position (if applicable) and for how long?

I don’t currently, but I have played sports really all my life. I played basketball, baseball, and football where I was a linebacker and offensive lineman. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to play because my school doesn’t have a football team, and that’s my best sport and the one I would want to do at a collegiate level.

Coffee, Tea, Other?

I guess tea if I had to choose, usually black tea, and sometimes with honey and lemon. I’m not really a fan of either and I haven’t really been able to get into coffee.

“Weirdest” hobby

Crossword puzzles. I started with the NY Times mini crosswords about a year ago, and since then have loved doing it ever since.

Recently read, listened to, or watched etc.? What stood out?

I don’t really watch a lot of TV, but a series that stood out to me was the Showtime TV show Dexter, which follows the story of Dexter Morgan. Its super interesting as the guy is both forensic

Reece at Fryeburg Academy (2015-2019) right guard (on offensive line)

analyst and serial killer and justifies his actions in Robin-hood like manner.

Give me one additional fun fact about you!

My mom went to high school with Magic Johnson the basketball player! Does that count?

Oh! I also have a foreign currency collection which my uncle helped me start when I was six or so when he just gave me a bunch of stuff! Ever since he gave it to me, I thought might as well continue!

thanks Reece! We are excited to have you on the team! Follow reece on linkedin and Stay connected!

And a special thanks to Reece for taking over the rest of the intern spotlights!



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Bryn Baldasaro
content development

‘Tis often quite difficult to get Bryn to pull her nose out of one of her ever-present books. However, she is always ready to put it down for a good chat. Bryn is currently a student studying for her B.A. in History at Ave Maria University, and a minor in Medieval Studies. Over the past four years, she has worked at Element as a writer, photographer, photo editor, editor for the blog, and dabbled in digital graphic design. During that time, Bryn gained experience working in the food service and retail industries, as a regional theatre professional, and as a film extra. She has also been a participant in educational theatre, where she has had the opportunity to perform multiple lead roles, for one of which she received the NHETG Regional Festival All Star Company Certificate for Excellence in Acting in 2019. Bryn’s “element” usually involves some degree of horseback riding, learning about cultural history, or engaging in good food, drinks, and conversation with friends and family. She believes in the importance of seeing and loving people to the fullest, making genuine connections, and sharing divine mercy.


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