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Intern Spotlight – Brooke Mantegari

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Bryn Baldasaro, content development
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what excites you most about this internship opportunity?

The Element team is what excites me the most about this internship opportunity. Everyone is so friendly, inviting, and willing to share their knowledge. I love how Element not only offers a great sense of community and belonging, but each member of the team really wants each other to be happy and successful. It really feels like a team, not just people working side by side.

why did you return to element?

I returned to Element because I learned so much last year and feel like there is still so much to learn. When I returned to school last fall, I was continuously noticing how much more familiar I was with things like materials, software, and the design process all together. I was able to learn so much from the Element team in such a short period of time, I honestly didn’t want to stop.

what is your favorite part about interning with element?

My favorite part about interning with Element (aside from the team) would have to be the amount of hands-on experience I get. Element really prioritizes giving interns opportunities to speak their minds and learn first-hand. Last year I was able to visit sites, meet with vendors, and sit in for client meetings, and already within my first day back, I was able to meet clients.

what has been your best personal accomplishment since your previous element internship? this year?

My best personal accomplishment since my previous Element internship would have to be studying abroad in the fall. I was able to travel to so many different countries and experience different cultures, which made for an amazing experience. I was studying in Florence, Italy which has such beautiful architecture, and I was also able to travel to Athens, Santorini, London, Dublin, Venice, Rome, etc. which definitely furthered my love for design.

what will you use from your last element internship to help you with your current element internship?

During my last Element internship, I became really familiar with the materials and software that Element uses, which will definitely be helpful in my current Element internship. I also had the amazing opportunity to meet clients, visit sites, and sit in for meetings (as previously mentioned). This will be very helpful in my current Element internship because I have more experience and familiarity with what is expected.

what do you hope to accomplish during this internship?

If possible, I hope to see more projects through to completion. During my previous Element internship, I worked on many projects that were just beginning or were halfway through. Since projects usually take significantly longer than the span of an internship, I’m hoping to be able to see the current state of some of the projects I worked on previously and see how they have evolved since I was last here.

what’s your favorite course that you’ve taken so far? have any courses related to or helped you with your internship experience?

I’ve taken so many great courses so far, but I think my favorite has been the Healthcare Studio I took this past spring. At Endicott, we take studio classes with a different design focus each semester and I was always excited to try healthcare, and I ended up really enjoying it. The year before I took a Retail Studio and a Corporate Office Studio which really helped me with my internship experience. But I think the most helpful course experiences came from learning in depth various software.

what are your plans following graduation?

Following graduation, I’m planning on either continuing at Endicott for a fifth-year master’s degree or going straight into work. Because I loved the healthcare studio as well as the commercial design I’ve worked on at Element, I want to find a firm that focuses on either or both healthcare and commercial design.

who is your role model?

My mom is my biggest role model. I’ve always looked up to and adored how she interacts with people and how she views life. She actively looks at the positive side of situations and from a young age, she taught me how important it is to gain experience and learn from mistakes.

do you have any hidden talents?

I would say a hidden talent of mine is I have pretty good balance. I have never been very coordinated which made sports pretty difficult but because I have decent balance, I have always enjoyed activities like ice skating, skiing, and horseback riding.

THANKS FOR THE INTERVIEW and your hard work, Brooke!


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