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With experts on our team dedicated to all aspects of your project,
rest assured that no cost-saving stone goes unturned

Streamlined Payment Process

Element manages the payment process for all contractors and outsourced materials listed in the Schedule of Values.

National Buying Power for Cost Reduction

We purchase all project components in quantity. The discounts our suppliers give us are passed directly on to our clients.

Contract Administration

Your dedicated contract administrator will oversee all accounting details, including payment, acquisitions, and budgets.


If requested, the Architect of Record will commission some or all of the building and its systems, utilizing additional architectural and engineering resources.

project implementation

Here, the pre-design, design, working drawings, and bidding and negotiation services come together.

  • Each client is assigned an experienced Element project manager, who will confirm that the building is constructed per the plans and specifications, and ensure that our team is delivering the highest quality product.
  • At the start of the implementation process, a qualified local general contractor will appoint an on-site job superintendent to assume responsibility for subcontractors during the construction phase. Element project managers work directly with the on-site job superintendent to handle day-to-day project operations.
  • We’ll utilize subcontractors, excavators, electricians, plumbers, framers, etc. from the local community.
  • Your project manager will take full responsibility for and communicate with vendors, suppliers, and on-site professionals daily, from the start of construction through final closeout.
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Implementation services

Let's get your project on its feet.

From your building’s foundation to the quality of the light in your lobby, we take care of every last detail when transforming your space.

  • Obtain building permit
  • Provide bid administration services
  • Site development & general construction
  • Millwork
  • Furniture
  • Digital Signage
  • Retail communication

project close out

Element will prepare a comprehensive close-out binder which will include all documentation needed once the project is completed and signed off by the owner. Included in the binder will be:

  • Warranties
  • Manuals
  • Subcontractor list
  • Contract information
  • As-built drawings
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If requested by the client, the Architect of Record will commission some or all of the building and its systems. Additional architectural and engineering resources may be used in this process.


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