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Intern Spotlight — Ashlyn Rice

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Lindsay Peckham, marketing coordinator
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Who are you interning under, what do they have you do, and out of all your responsibilities, which is your favorite/most interesting?

I am a Graphic Design Intern under Laura Mynahan, the Interior and Graphic Design Manager. I will be working mainly on graphics with some digital work. I have not done a lot of design work here yet, but I think my favorite part will be collaborating with and learning from the graphic designers.

Where do you go to school and what is your major?

I am a senior at Endicott College where I major in Graphic Design and minor in Business. I also graduated from Exeter High School in 2020.

How did you first become interested in your field of study?

I have always loved art and grew up around it. My high school partnered with a technical school where I took some Digital Media classes during my Junior and Senior years of high school. From then on I knew I wanted to pursue Graphic Design as a career.

Have you interned here before, if not, have you interned elsewhere?

This is my first internship here, at Element, however, I have completed two previous internships. My first was at TurnUp Activism during my Freshman year where I worked on promotional pieces for brand events. This past summer I completed my second internship at Essex Media Group in Lynn, MA, where I worked mainly on their newspaper and magazine publications.

do you have any pets?

I do, I have a cat named Chloe, a dog named Amber, and fish named Oscar. My family also raises chickens!

if you could go to dinner with anyone, ALIVE OR DEAD, who would it be? why?

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be my favorite author Sarah J. Maas. I love her fantasy book series and would love to talk to her about them.

if you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go, why, and who would you take with you?

 I have never traveled outside of the US before, so I definitely have a lot of places that I want to see. I would love to go to Europe to see all of the major countries there like Ireland, France, Italy, etc. I would want to take my family as well as my best friend Carol.


My favorite app to use would be Pinterest because I use it a lot for everyday inspiration for my design work, my clothing choices, or decorating my room at school.


One of my bucket list items is visiting as many national parks as possible. I have already been to several including, Yosemite and Yellowstone National Park.


My favorite season is Spring because everything is warming up again after being frozen all winter.

THANKS FOR THE INTERVIEW and your hard work, Ashlyn!


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Lindsay Peckham
marketing coordinator

Another New Hampshire local, Lindsay firmly believes that whatever you put into life is what you get out of it. A Trinity College graduate, Lindsay minored in Writing, Rhetoric, and Media Studies, and holds a Bachelor’s in Classical Studies. Throughout her professional career, she has been focused on achieving her goals both in and out of the workspace. No matter where she is, Lindsay is always showing compassion and kindness to every person and environment she encounters. She is most in her element when she is outside, skiing or paddleboarding, enjoying great food and drinks with great company, or relaxing on a warm beach.


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