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Intern Spotlight- Emma DaSilva

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Bryn Baldasaro, content development
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Who are you interning under, what do they have you do, and out of all your responsibilities, which is your favorite/most interesting?

I am interning under Kirstina Kling, Element’s creative director, as a Digital Communications and Design intern for the fall. I have worked a lot in completing internal projects, along with working with some other designers on client projects. The most interesting project I’ve worked on is a presentation to a client of past work that Element has done to give them some inspiration for their new branch!

Where do you go to school and what is your major?

I currently attend Endicott College in Beverly, MA where I major in graphic design and am working to complete a photography minor. I am in my senior year at Endicott and as a part of their intensive internship program, I am interning with the Element Group all throughout my fall semester to get experience within my field of study. Prior to Endicott, I attended East Providence High School in East Providence, RI.

Emma graduating from high school

How did you first become interested in your field of study?

In high school I took a four-year graphic communications course offered through my school’s career and technical program. I immediately fell in love with being a creator and I knew that in some form, I wanted to work in design. I initially wasn’t sure if I wanted to go the interior architecture/design route, or stay within graphic design but I am so glad I chose graphic design and that I get to work with interior designers here at Element.

Have you interned here before, if not, have you interned elsewhere?

I have not previously interned with The Element Group, but I have completed a 240 hour internship at Hill House Graphics located in Bristol, RI. I also work in Rhode Island doing beer can designs for a local brewery, Vigilant Brewing.

do you have any pets?

Emma’s dog

I have had so many pets in my life, but right now I am blessed to still have my 13 year old dashchund a.k.a weiner dog, Molly, by my side.

if you could go to dinner with anyone, ALIVE OR DEAD, who would it be? why?

If I could go to dinner with anyone, I would choose my great grandmother, she passed when I was young, and I resemble her a lot. I would want to talk to her because I have grown up so much from the last time I saw her and I know I would be so happy to hear her voice and see her again!

if you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go, why, and who would you take with you?

If I could go anywhere in the world, I would travel to Ireland. I think Ireland’s landscape is absolutely stunning and I would bring my family, who is very Irish and my long-term boyfriend.


Personally, I love my Solitare app. I am not huge anymore with social media, but I can always rely on Solitare to put me in good spirits and allow me to have some fun as I try to beat my daily challenges.


One bucket list item for me is to travel somewhere in the world where I can see the Northern Lights.

Emma and her friends


As a softball player, you’d think my favorite season is spring or summer right? Yeah, not quite. I personally enjoy the Fall season the most, I think the foliage is absolutely stunning and I love being able to cozy up with some sweatpants and a hoodie on and relax outside on a walk or go on a drive with my friends.

THANKS FOR THE INTERVIEW and your hard work, Emma!


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Bryn Baldasaro
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‘Tis often quite difficult to get Bryn to pull her nose out of one of her ever-present books. However, she is always ready to put it down for a good chat. Bryn is currently a student studying for her B.A. in History at Ave Maria University, and a minor in Medieval Studies. Over the past four years, she has worked at Element as a writer, photographer, photo editor, editor for the blog, and dabbled in digital graphic design. During that time, Bryn gained experience working in the food service and retail industries, as a regional theatre professional, and as a film extra. She has also been a participant in educational theatre, where she has had the opportunity to perform multiple lead roles, for one of which she received the NHETG Regional Festival All Star Company Certificate for Excellence in Acting in 2019. Bryn’s “element” usually involves some degree of horseback riding, learning about cultural history, or engaging in good food, drinks, and conversation with friends and family. She believes in the importance of seeing and loving people to the fullest, making genuine connections, and sharing divine mercy.


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