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Digital Elements and Their Place in the Hospitality Industry 

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Marc Healy, executive director of retail and marketing
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With the rise and advancement of technology, the market demands and expects business innovation and fast information that’s readily available. New generations have grown up with technology; it’s commonplace and expected. The hospitality industry can accommodate this expectation by adding digital elements in their institutions. This can be in the form of digital signage, touchscreen technology, or various other methods.

grant fleming

As a commitment to our clients, The Element Group works to stay at the forefront of the digital demands within all major industries.  As the need for digital elements skyrocket in the ever-changing landscape of the hospitality industry, we consulted industry-veteran Grant Fleming. His experience in the industry spans 25 years including Global Sales for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. Despite the challenges that now face the Hospitality Industry, Grant believes that through innovation the future is extremely bright and has turned to digital signage to realize that vision.

digital signage


Digital signage is a visually stimulating screen with many functions. It is a wealth of information that can be easily kept up to date, it can collect data through various types of engaging activities, but moreover, it can simply be an artistic element that helps your space to remain contemporary.

There are too many benefits and features to list them all, but a few, notable aspects are as follows. Firstly, (and obviously) is the benefit of instant information. Digital signage can provide your guests with serious information, fun information, boring information, or you-name-it-information; it’s up to you.

Another benefit worthy of mention is the artistic or aesthetic aspect. Digital signage is no longer a slideshow of stock images with questionable resolution that roll through a TV screen hanging on the lobby wall. 4K, high resolution content, and the latest screen technology have beautified digital signage. Crisp images of local areas, non-local areas, etc. is all made available. To make it even more interesting, a digital overlay can be added to cause the TV to match your brand further.

A feature worth mentioning is how digital signage is customizable. Multiple software programs, multiple solutions, multiple capabilities are all compatible. The ability to integrate the hardware, software, and content is extremely useful when incorporating digital signage within an institution.



Overlays are one of the best parts of digital signage. Put simply, an overlay is a frame or “cutout” that hangs over the screens. The following list explains some of the key things that overlays do to enhance digital signage.

Overlays can change the visible shape of the screen
They help match screens to your brand standards
Calls attention to whatever is displayed on the screen

Overlays are placed over a screen where it hangs over it and gives it a unique shape. It makes the screen truly become a part of the environment that matches your brand, décor, and feel.

The simplicity and ease of an overlay makes it a powerful branding tool when joined with digital signage. Overlays can be swapped out for seasons, occasions, or just because.

Overlays make digital signage a complete win-win for the hospitality industry and their guests. The business transforms screens into a beautiful piece of technology that provides value and matches their aesthetic, and guests receive valuable content through beauty, information, or anything in between.

what is digital NOT?

So, what is digital not? “Digital signage is not just a TV,” says Grant Fleming. Digital signage has a multitude of uses, and it is so versatile in appearance that it can accommodate any aesthetic. To think of digital signage merely as another pushy marketing gimmick undervalues and undermines this tool’s potentiality. Easily integrated with the institution’s brand identity, the results speak for themselves.

list of benefits/features


Welcome hotel guests and help them become more comfortable on each visit.
Build and promote your hospitality brand with digital signage.
Advertise nearby attractions, restaurants, and experiences.
Keep guests updated on the latest promotions and amenities.
Circulate local news, weather, and traffic patterns on the digital elements.
Inform groups about ongoing meetings, events, and conferences.
Trigger emergency messages, alerts, or critical information from any location via smartphone or tablet.
Keep staff informed with employee-facing digital signage screens.


Synchronize your digital content across multiple media players.
Deliver high-quality content to individual screens, touch screens and video walls.
Adapt your programming to each area.
Show venue information in the hotel lobby and simultaneously show the restaurant specials on your elevator screens!
These displays are proven to be cost-effective, easy to install, and very reliable.

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Written by Alexander Kalpakgian. Edited by Bryn Baldasaro. Special thanks to Grant Fleming. 


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A man in a blue button-up.
Marc Healy
executive director of retail and marketing

Often greeted by the team as “Mr. HEALY!,” with all suitable pomp, Marc is known to be a positive force of nature in the office. After graduating from Western Washington University with a degree in Business and a concentration in Finance, Marc proceeded to leap right into leadership positions. His career now spans over 35 years, with experience in marketing, sales, and finance.


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