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6 ways to use digital signage for banks and credit unions

Nate Baldasaro, co-founder
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Jumpstart the consumer experience with eye-catching digital signage in your bank or credit union. Dynamic displays are growing in popularity, and those who have yet to invest in the technology should plan to in the coming years. Huge growth is in store for the digital signage market, valued globally at $23.5 billion in 2021 and expected to reach $63 billion by 2031. But how can financial institutions straddle the line between a well-deployed digital trend and a popular gimmick? Start by making these six benefits your primary goals.

capture your visitors’ attention

There are no limits to the possibilities for digital signage — from 24-hour window displays to self-service solutions. A bright screen with stationary or moving content immediately draws the eye, turning a would-be static sign into an eye-catching billboard for your brand. Take the opportunity to advertise offerings at your bank or credit union, like monthly interest rates and frequently asked questions. Put your institution’s social media feeds on display or feature customer testimonials.

bridge the gap between mobile and in-person banking

In an age when the majority of customers utilize online banking options, installing digital signage at brick and mortar financial institutions is crucial to bridging the two worlds. Use visuals from the mobile app or banking portal, providing a sense of familiarity while customers go about their in-person banking.

personalize the customer experience

Not only are digital displays more likely to capture visitors’ attention over static signage, but they can be used to personalize the customer experience. Cater content to demographics that visit your branch at certain times. If morning visitors are mostly of retirement age, feature digital banking demos and financial security tips. Young parents and millennials who stop in later in the day are likely more interested in seeing the latest mortgage rates and financial courses offered at your branch.

make a lasting impression

Digital signage has an impressive recall rate compared to traditional means. Take the opportunity to feature your bank or credit union’s services and products in a new light. Integrate the information that customers see in-store with your institution’s mobile app and website. Offer a QR code that can save even more time, increasing the chance that your audience follows through with the next step of signing up for that course or opening that account.


increase roi

No one likes digging for information from their service providers, especially when it comes to a sensitive topic like money. The more informed your customers and members are about your institution’s offerings, the more likely they are to make purchases and stick with you long term, increasing your ROI. Make customer-facing information readily available with digital displays near the teller.

Digital signage can also be used for customer self-service, playing a role in reducing staffing costs and benefiting your bottom line.

communicate and entertain

image depicting ideas for digital signage use in banks, including touch screens and video entertainment walls

Interactive touchscreens can be used to create a queue for all to see, eliminating the mystery of who is next in line. After customers sign in, let them know an estimated wait time. Use that information to figure out your branch’s busiest times, and refer to the data when scheduling employees. Provide resources and entertainment through your digital signage that keeps customers engaged during the busiest hours. Filling their time meaningfully can make wait times seem shorter and keep customers happy.

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Nate Baldasaro

Nate Baldasaro is the co-founder of The Element Group, a full-service firm that specializes in designing, building, and remodeling financial institutions. Nate and the Element team partner with banks and credit unions to develop brand identity, select markets and sites, and implement creative messaging and merchandising strategies across entire financial networks.


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