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Avidia Bank’s 8-Day Branch Transformation

Marc Healy, executive director of retail and marketing
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avidia bank focuses on customer convenience

Avidia Bank is a mutual community bank headquartered in Hudson, Massachusetts, with branches in Westborough, Clinton, Marlborough, Shrewsbury, Leominster, and Framingham. Avidia was founded in 2007 as the result of a merger between Hudson Savings Bank and Westborough Bank, both founded in 1869.

Focused on supporting customer convenience, Avidia has made large investments in technology to offer mobile banking with check deposit, bill pay, money transfers, and the ability to pay other people electronically. Avidia is also very committed to helping their community by giving back through The Avidia Charitable Foundation.

This branch transformation has allowed Avidia Bank to:

  • Grow the market share in their community through a cutting-edge branch
  • Attract a younger demographic through the use of technology and modern design
  • Maintain a consistent look and feel across all of their locations


The before image of Avidia Bank's Leominster branch
The after image of Avidia Bank's Leominster branch

The Challenge

Avidia Bank’s goal was to carry the very modern look and feel of their two new branches through to the renovation of their Leominster branch. They wanted to give Leominster a “refresh” that is more modern to attract and engage a younger demographic.

Avidia Bank's Leominster branch floorplan


When Avidia saw the opportunity to refresh the Leominster branch, they also realized they couldn’t close the branch for an extended period of time, so they reached out to The Element Group for the solution!

Construction begins on Avidia Bank's Leominster branch


The Strategy

For the Leominster renovation, Avidia wanted a more modern look with a focus on attracting and engaging a younger demographic. Ultimately, this would target new customer segments and help Avidia to build more market share in an area already saturated with banks and credit unions.

Avidia Bank Leominster new color palette


Avidia Bank stressed the importance of being able to serve their customers in the community and did not want to close the branch entirely during the renovation. Knowing that, the Element Group came up with an implementation plan that would complete the transformation in just eight (8) days! The renovation was planned in such a way that Avidia could keep their drive-thru services open and still provide services to customers during the entire renovation. They closed the main portion of the branch in order to get the transformation underway.

3D rendering of the Avidia Bank's new Leominster branch


Race Against the Clock

The decision was made to fast track this particular project due to the smaller scale of the branch. This approach to a branch transformation presented some challenges, but in the end the hard work paid off.

Construction is underway in the lobby


Having project managers on both sides of the project allowed for a smooth execution and easy troubleshooting. Because of the time constraints for this transformation, there was little room for error while teams worked around the clock to complete the project on time. There was a small glitch with a carpet being backordered, however it was quickly rectified by Elements’ design team’s ability to source a replacement in record time.

New teller pods are being built


Every Bit Matters

A great amount of time and effort went into the planning and execution of this branch transformation. Avidia’s Leominster branch features an open-concept lobby, modern furniture and lighting, and touch technology that provides customers with immediate access to up-to-date brochures, account information, mobile banking demonstrations, and much more.

Avidia Bank's Leominster welcome wall digital signage


A new teller layout that includes “pods” provide a much friendlier and personable customer experience. Bankers can not only interact with customers from behind the pod, but they can also quickly step out to show customers the latest news and branch offerings at the touch screen area. The pods also incorporate “cash recyclers” to help make transactions quicker and more efficient. Cash recyclers count the money for the teller, allowing them more time to focus on their customers.

Avidia Bank's Leominster branch wall graphics and branding


The branch is now open and the reactions of the customers have been priceless. Just two (2) days after the reopening, a customer walked into the branch and said, “Wow! This doesn’t even look like a bank, it’s beautiful!”

Environmental graphics and signage for Avidia Bank Leominster


Marc Healy
executive director of retail and marketing

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