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Top ATM Companies [+ Design and Technology Trends]

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Marc Healy, executive director of retail and marketing
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top atm companies – design and technology trends

Although there are certainly times when customers or members may prefer to speak with an in-person representative, automated teller machines, more commonly known as ATMs, provide a convenient alternative. Whether they appear as standalone ATM kiosks, drive-thru ATMs, or a machine installed alongside in-branch services, ATMs can play an integral role in the day-to-day operations of any financial institution.

ATM technology provides customers and members with a streamlined self-service experience. This experience delivers flexibility in choosing how, when, and where to engage in financial transactions, depending on each customer or member’s needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

Read on to discover more about ATM design, technology trends, and the top ATM manufacturers right now.

atm design & technology trends

ATM design has undergone a dramatic transformation over the past few years as emerging technologies have become more mainstream. Below are a few of the most significant design and technology trends currently changing the ATM experience for the better.

Cash recycling ATMs

While a standard ATM can accept cash, a cash recycling ATM offers more comprehensive functionality, allowing customers or members to deposit cash as well as withdraw. The cash deposited into the machine can then be used for other users’ withdrawal transactions.

This ATM technology is beneficial for financial institutions since it enables ATMs to be replenished less often, and simple transactions can be carried out without involving a bank or credit union agent. Many banks and credit unions are opting for cash recycling ATMs to help optimize the cash management supply chain.

Contactless ATMs

Contactless ATMs do so much more than keep your hands clean; they’re also very convenient when it comes to saving time and staying secure. When coupled with a bank or credit union mobile app, contactless ATMs enable customers or members to plan transactions from their phones and collect their cash without touching anything else at the ATM kiosk. Additionally, this ATM technology eliminates the risk of card skimming.

Infrastructure overhauls

Another trend in ATM design includes the overhaul of older machines. In order to maintain an impeccable user experience, ATMs need to be easy to access, easy to use, and reliable. Machine upgrades are necessary to continue to meet changing customer and member needs.

ATM as a service (ATMaaS)

For banks and credit unions looking to update their branch networks with the most recent tech innovations without adding a substantial financial investment, ATM as a Service (ATMaas) offers a potential solution.

With ATMaaS, financial institutions pay one monthly fee that covers ATM software, hardware, maintenance, and managed services. This way, FIs can avoid buying large quantities of ATMs that may become costly to repair and replace over time.

Emphasis on cybersecurity

Protecting the integrity of customer and member data is one of the top priorities of every financial institution. In order to stay vigilant and keep threats at bay, banks and credit unions are boosting ATM cybersecurity efforts. One way cybersecurity is being used with ATM kiosks is through real-time transaction monitoring.

More sustainable ATMs

In recent years, financial institutions have been looking for ways to utilize sustainable practices to use resources efficiently and reduce long-term costs. A few ways banks and credit unions can accomplish this goal include implementing paperless billing, using lower energy ATM displays, and choosing machines that are powered with more efficient cores. These sustainable ATM practices can result in lower overall operating costs.

More transaction opportunities for users

As these emerging trends become more mainstream, customers and members will have more opportunities to reap the benefits of ATM kiosks. Not only can users deposit and withdraw cash with newer machines, but many newer models also allow users to transfer cash and carry out other financial transactions, including receiving receipts by email and opening new accounts, transferring funds, and making credit card and loan payments.

key considerations when selecting an ATM manufacturer

Before selecting an ATM manufacturer, there are a few key factors for banks and credit unions to consider, including:

  • Price: Does the company offer competitive pricing for the value they provide? Do they offer lease, purchase or rental options?
  • Post-sale service and support: What kind of servicing options, warranties, and support are provided once the ATMs have been purchased?
  • Technical support: Does the company provide a technical support team to assist should any issues arise?
  • Upgrade timeline and options: How long will the machines work and will they be upgraded as new options and designs emerge?
  • Desired customer experience: What does the customer want and can the company meet their evolving demands? One way to get to the heart of these questions is by deploying customer or member surveys after every branch interaction.

top atm manufacturers

When the time comes to select an ATM manufacturer, you’ll find there are many companies that provide automated teller machine products and services. However, the top three ATM manufacturers that have proven their expertise and reliability with our team are NCR, Diebold Nixdorf, and Hyosung.


Founded in 1884, NCR Corporation — previously known as National Cash Register — is a global enterprise technology leader in the restaurant, retail, and banking industries. The company is the world’s top provider of multi-vendor ATM software. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, NCR delivers solutions to more than 140 countries, creating software, hardware, and services that help an enterprise operate at all levels. NCR was named a Top Financial Technology Provider in the 2020 IDC FinTech ranking.

Diebold Nixdorf

Diebold Nixdorf got its start with safe manufacturing more than 160 years ago. In the century and a half since, the company has grown to become a top ATM manufacturer and a self-proclaimed “strategic, collaborative, end-to-end provider of services, software, hardware and security.” With more than two million installed point of sale terminals and ATMs, over 3,000 patents, and upwards of $3.9 billion in revenue, Diebold Nixdorf holds a 31% market share for global ATMs.

Diebold Nixdorf claims firsts in the following:

    • First long-edge, anti-skimming, secure card reader
    • First electronic POS network system introduced in Europe
    • First kiosk in QSR (quick service and retail)
    • First green, flexibly powered ATM
    • First iris recognition ATM
    • First ATM integrated with mobile
    • First circular vault door to protect against prying
    • First voice recognition ATM


Rounding out our list of top ATM manufacturers is Hyosung, the South Korean-based industrial conglomerate. Although Hyosung handles business operations and solutions across many industries, the company is most known for its high-end apartments and ATMs. Founded in 1966, Hyosung provides both ATM hardware and software. Some of its managed ATM resources include technical manuals, tutorial videos, and a Partner Portal that acts as a central repository for important information.

Furthermore, Hyosung has a fleet of next-generation ATMs designed to deliver a functional, user-friendly, and secure ATM experience. The company also offers:

    • Through-the-wall, self-service ATMs that can be a standalone branch
    • Drive-up ATMs
    • Retail ATMs
    • Cash recycling ATMs

the future of atms

Recent ATM design upgrades are already changing the bank and credit union experience for the better, but what more can we expect going forward? The future of ATMs is exciting, with technologies and services growing rapidly year over year.

We can expect expanded adoption of the integrated digital and physical capabilities, such as combining the use of an FI’s mobile app with contactless/cardless ATMs. ATMs of the future are also expected to become even more individualized, offering personalized experiences for each customer or member. These personalized experiences could include customized quick cash options based on ATM transaction history, recognizing the customer on their birthday, and allowing users to configure settings from the kiosk, such as resetting a PIN number.

Geo-targeted options may also play a role in the future of ATMs. In this instance, customers or members would receive ATM offerings based on their location, shopping habits, and more.

Many financial institutions are looking to boost their ATM performance and the customer experience by installing multiple machines in one location in order to provide coverage in the case of an outage.

Other capabilities expected to boost the ATMs of the future include offering cryptocurrency transaction options, accepting universal cash deposits, and installing “smart” ATMs that use facial recognition and other types of biometric authentication to prevent fraud and increase security.

ATMs are an essential part of banking, offering customers and members a chance to conduct financial transactions in the way that is most convenient for them. When selecting your ATM manufacturer, it’s important to take into account the type of ATM design you prefer, price, post-installation support, and tech support, among other key considerations. Contact Element today for help selecting the best ATM company for your financial institution.

faqs about atm kiosks & machine design

How can I determine which ATM manufacturer is best for my financial institution?

When selecting an ATM manufacturer, be sure to consider these factors: price and rental options, post-sale service and support, technical support, upgrade timeline and options, and desired customer experience.

What are the top recent trends in ATM machine design?

Some of the top recent trends in ATM technology and design include contactless/cardless ATMs, cash recycling ATMs, and machines that use biometric technology to improve account security.

What is a contactless ATM?

A contactless ATM is an automated teller machine that can be accessed remotely from a financial institution’s mobile app. After completing their transaction on the app, users simply remove their cash from the machine without having to touch anything.

How should I expect ATMs to change in the future?

ATMs of the future will change depending on technological advancements, but one thing is certain: personalization of the customer experience is sure to be involved. Expect more intuitive user experiences and “smart” ATMs that can learn users’ banking habits and preferences and offer customized options accordingly.


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