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What’s Old is New! Our Digital Brochure Display


In an ever changing and ultra-completive banking environment, product and service brochures, promotional flyers and applications still play a vital role in consumer engagement and account acquisition. We also know that the time and expense of paper-based solutions are not the most efficient way to conduct business in 2023. Never mind the fact that we never really know who has taken or been given the information.

At The Element Group, we are always looking for new and engaging ideas for interactive digital. In this three minute video, we take a dive into our Digital Brochure Display, discussing items like how it works, how to track meaningful analytics, and how easy it is to automatically update the experience across a network. We also take a look at the benefits of switching to digital over paper-products, such as the ease of access/download, and getting that meaningful data to marketing and retail leadership.

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