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Intern Spotlight: Kathryn Komerska

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Marc Healy, executive director of retail and marketing
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Who are you interning under, what is your role, and what is something that you are most excited to be working on? 

I am interning under Julia Cole and Troy Gilbert. My job title is kind of a long one. I am a Communications + Digital Graphic Design Intern. I think that’s all correct! Currently I am learning how to animate in Keynote, which is something that I have never done before, but I am excited to dive into the different softwares! I am familiar with the Adobe Suite, but I am less familiar with the touch-based programs. At school I’ve made some user interfaces but aimed at mouse interactions, not touch.

Have you interned with us before, if not, have you interned elsewhere? 

I have not, but I interned as a Software Engineer Intern for two years at Scientific Systems Company Inc. in Woburn, MA. That was my sophomore and junior years in high school.

Where do you go to school? What year are you, and what do you study?

I am a rising Junior at Champlain College in Burlington, VT and I study Game Art and Animation, hopefully with a specialization in 3-D Environment Art. After graduation I may want to do some graphic design work, but if I am able to work in game art, there are some really great places in Montreal. Ultimately, I would love to work for a AAA Game Company!

What drew you to your field?

I’ve always had an interest in technology, particularly how lines of code can prompt so many different actions. I’ve also done art pretty much since I could hold a pencil, so it was a pretty natural combination. I started out with software engineering, but that was not enough on the creative side for me. I also considered illustration, but of course that didn’t even touch the technology side of things. When I found out that Game Art was even an option, it definitely sparked my interest due to its nature as a really interactive media. You are really stepping into an environment as a character. It’s so immersive and you get to create the world around with that the player will interact with. This is what drew me to Element as its working in very interactive digital spaces, so it brings those same interests along.

How did you hear about Element?

I heard about Element through Bryn Baldasaro, Nate’s daughter. I went to school with her, but it was my mom who had connections and heard about the internship.

How did your first day/week go? 

So far, the first three days have gone well! A lot of meetings but it has been super helpful chatting with people from each department and getting to know them. I have been working on Digital animations. Julia has been having me replicate her old ones so I can learn how to navigate the system. Most recently I have been creating content for a credit union in Florida based on city skylines, as well as other smaller projects involving concept art.

Ok now some fun questions!

Any pets?

I have a mischievous eight-year-old cat named Tangie who we take outside and likes to chirp at the birds!

Coffee, Tea, Other?

Both! I love coffee most, but my general rule is coffee before noon and, since my family is British, teatime at 2pm! We should institute afternoon tea and biscuits. My favorite tea would have to be English Breakfast tea.

Give me one additional fun fact about you! 

I am a black belt in Karate, and I love hiking. I recently hiked Camel’s Hump in VT during the school year with my friends. Over the winter I did Mt. Major with my boyfriend. We thought it would be easy, but then we passed a couple of guys with trekking poles. At first, we were confused, but soon learned why. The top ended up being freezing and all the rocks were covered in ice. Almost got frostbite and it ended up being a five-hour hike. Not the easy outing we expected!


Interview conducted and Photographed by Bryn Baldasaro for The Element Group.

Special thanks to Kathryn Komerska.


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A man in a blue button-up.
Marc Healy
executive director of retail and marketing

Often greeted by the team as “Mr. HEALY!,” with all suitable pomp, Marc is known to be a positive force of nature in the office. After graduating from Western Washington University with a degree in Business and a concentration in Finance, Marc proceeded to leap right into leadership positions. His career now spans over 35 years, with experience in marketing, sales, and finance.


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