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Helpful tips for successful webinars

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Marc Healy, executive director of retail and marketing
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In last week’s blog, we discussed webinars as the solution to reaching consumers during isolation. Assuming that you all have jumped at the chance to start your own webinar series, here are some tips from Element on how to ensure quality and engagement on the call.

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DO: Let the current presenter control the presentation. Transitions should be smooth and indicate prior rehearsal and detailed knowledge of the subject.

Make the Webinars all the same length. Variation is key. Keep the length appropriate for the topic, but long enough to be worth their time.

DO: Have people that specialize in various topics. There should be a variety of presenters that tackle different issues or services. Establish familiar faces for each topic.

DON’T: Go in without rehearsing. Understand the topic at hand and be able to answer any questions that may arise. Note: While it is important to demonstrate knowledgeability, it is acceptable and recommended to admit a lack of specialty knowledge and return to the query with accurate information later. If an answer is formulated on the spot, there is a high risk of it being incorrect and lacking substance, thus undermining any established credibility.

DO: Keep it at the local level. Establish a local celebrity with whom people can recognize, connect, and trust.

DON’T: Be afraid to share. There is always risk involved in publicly broadcasting a product, service, or idea. However, let the opportunities outweigh the risks. People need to actually see what is being offered in order to want it. Interest requires access. Once interest is accrued, people are more likely to go to the source of knowledge who they see as the expert.

DO: Be welcoming and professional.

DON’T: Be unorganized. Organization is necessary to keep the Webinar running like clockwork. This goes without saying, but viewers should leave the Webinar with a desire to join the next one. They won’t want to do so if they feel like the presenter is unknowledgeable, disorganized, a waste of time, or redundant.

DO: Respect their time and be excited to share without going overboard. Be aware of the interest that is garnering but be careful of saying too much. Rambling too much can lose the audience. If the presenter is unprofessional and pushy, people will simply leave. They might attend the next one to see if there is any improvement, but that is highly unlikely.

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Written by Bryn Baldasaro for The Element Group. Edited by Scott Worroll.


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A man in a blue button-up.
Marc Healy
executive director of retail and marketing

Often greeted by the team as “Mr. HEALY!,” with all suitable pomp, Marc is known to be a positive force of nature in the office. After graduating from Western Washington University with a degree in Business and a concentration in Finance, Marc proceeded to leap right into leadership positions. His career now spans over 35 years, with experience in marketing, sales, and finance.


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