The Faces of Element

Portraits by Dawn Rabinowitz


William Foley, Co-Founder

Not only does William Foley develop, orchestrate, and oversee the process to complete an Element project, he delivers – on time and to a level of quality that no competitor can match.  “It’s one thing to promise a client a solution, it’s another to deliver,” says Foley. 
Foley quickly moved through the ranks at Willey Brothers prior to bringing Element to life.  The fact that he’s occupied virtually every project management position has given him a unique edge when orchestrating all of the moving parts of a project whether that’s a new build or renovation or implementing digital signage outside the branch setting. “My favorite thing is sitting down with the client. Going into a meeting and helping them understand why we put the plan together and how it’s going.  Element has the best product that you can imagine along with the best design, and the best team all of which fosters drive, confidence, and results that are second to none.  “We build relationships with people over the span of twenty years on average, a real honest part of the business is being able to talk and establish a solid basis of trust with our clients.” 


Nate Baldasaro, Co-Founder

Nate Baldasaro’s expertise lies in developing visionary, creative, and dynamic experiences for the customer’s journey by leveraging modern day digital messaging within the floorplan of a financial institution.  He see’s digital elements as opportunities to develop brand awareness and trust with every interaction a customer has in a bank or credit union.  Nate has spent over twenty years mastering the client experience in retail environments and is a one-man think tank.  His knowledge of technology and design is diverse and deep with a constant cache of innovative ideas. “Nate has a plethora of different ideas every day and a deep-rooted passion about what we do at Element.  He’s just constantly trying to innovate.”  Nate’s excitement about his ideas is contagious and his sense of humor makes work feel like play for the Element team and their clients.


Greg Cole
Studio Manager

Greg has over 20 years of professional experience in the design, planning, development and construction of financial institutions and retail spaces throughout the country, with specialty in open-branch renovations and ground-up construction. He has managed countless tenant improvements, remodels, and branch conversions. Greg fully understands the process from design to implementation, and has a unique ability to engage, integrate, and inform all members within a project to ensure a successful outcome.



Becky Rodeman
Accounting & Human Resources

Becky is an experienced Finance Manager with over 20 years’ experience in various accounting roles. More than 10 years of her experience has been with companies directly supporting financial institutions. Becky’s attention to detail is key to assisting all departments at Element in meeting client expectations and deadlines. She is also responsible for all aspects of Payroll and Human Resources.


Bob Turner
Senior Strategy & Design Consultant

With over 25 years experience in the financial, investment, and retail design industry, Bob brings a broad-range of insights and expertise to any client engagement. He has directed innovative programs for national financial institutions including SunTrust, M&T Bank, and Bank of America. Bob has focused more of his attention on branch transformation opportunities and is often challenging the assumptions of the past or the “quick fix” proposals sold today. Using customer expectations as the starting point, Bob blends staff engagement, sales and service, branch operations, team efficiencies, technology, and innovative engagement to create an overarching solution strategy.


Beau Wingate
SVP, Business Development

With over 30 years of sales and service experience in the financial industry, Beau has a tremendous knowledge of implementing small footprint retail branches inside retail stores. He has successfully been involved with over a thousand installations for institutions ranging in size from large money center banks, regional banks, community banks, to community chartered credit unions and SEG credit unions. Witnessing the transformation of institutions over the past three decades to today’s delivery model echo’s Beau’s mantra that more can be done with less.


Brian Judd
Senior Architectural & Interior Designer

As a designer of retail interiors and buildings for the financial services industry, Brian develops a brand language that communicates the clients capabilities and values, working closely with the design team to create a physical member experience. Brian earned a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1979, with a major in Industrial Design and a minor in Architecture.
He has been working in the financial services industry since 1991 designing hundreds of facilities of varying sizes.


Caleigh Pollard
Senior Interior Designer & Planner

Caleigh is an expert in creating interior environments that tells a brand's story in a physical space from concept through every detail.  An Integral member of the Element design team, Caleigh truly enjoys communicating with clients so that the end result is a visual representation of a client's identity and naturally translates to a unique and meaningful customer journey. Caleigh holds a BS in Interior Design from Wentworth Institute of Technology and is a licensed Interior Designer. 

“A well-designed interior will enhance everything from safety to productivity
to the perceived value of your brand; Functionality to aesthetics” 
— Caleigh Pollard

Carol Van Loon
Program Manager

Carol has been involved with printed graphics since her first job in a small print shop in high school.  For the last 20 years, she has produced and implemented graphics for financial institutions – from paper-based campaigns to multiple-material applications that transform a branch from every day to exciting.  She shares an extensive knowledge of materials with designers, providing them multiple options to fulfill a client’s expectations.  Trained as a photographer, Carol uses her eye and printing knowledge to bring the highest level of quality to graphics produced for a single branch or across a financial institution’s entire network.



Cassie Amicone
Senior Digital Designer

With technology constantly growing and improving Cassie strives to set a new standard for digital video content by staying on top of digital trends. She specializes in touchscreen design, as well as, traditional digital video content design. Cassie participates as an innovative concept planner for digital story-telling as well offers solutions to digital messaging challenges.Her commitment to digital is changing the way our clients share information.


Dawn Rabinowitz
Director of Marketing

Dawn Rabinowitz is the Director of Marketing at Element and loves developing our brand, designing concepts for getting the word out about the company, and sharing the element story. She has spent the majority of her career in the creative industry, gaining experiences in areas such as small business consulting, innovative content creation, and brand awareness through storytelling.  While marketing is her primary job at Element, Dawn also serves are our in-house award-winning portrait photographer.  She earned her BA from the University of Vermont.


Jeff Ferris
Senior Architect & Designer

With over 25 years of architectural experience, Jeff has worked on over two hundred projects for banks and credit unions throughout the country creating architecture and built environments, synthesized with corporate branding and marketing strategy. He collaborates with clients, banking and brand strategists, retail communications experts, graphic designers, contract furniture experts, and construction project managers to bring branded retail environments and architecture to life. Experienced in all phases of both remodels and ground-up branches, Jeff understands the various aspects and complexities of executing a building project from site concept through finish construction.


Jennifer Hartford
Senior Program Manager

Jenn has been managing project timelines & deliverables in many facets for the past 20 years. Her expertise includes environmental graphics and digital technology rollouts, contract furniture implementations, budget management, and written projects such as comprehensive RFP responses. Living in the details and communicating them in a decisive and friendly way is what sets Jenn apart. Since joining Element in 2015, Jenn has been instrumental in rolling out 19 new branch renovations and a complete company rebranding for one of our largest clients.


Judy Miamis
Senior Graphic Designer

Judy is a dedicated Senior Graphic Designer who has an eye for every detail.  She is a multi-faceted designer with over 20 years of experience in a wide variety of environmental and graphic design projects.  During this time, she has worked closely with architectural, industrial, and interior design teams to provide visually-integrated graphic solutions for financial, healthcare, and biomedical clients.  Judy enjoys the one-on-one customer interaction and project coordination that is necessary for a successful design deployment.  She brings vision, creativity, and a polished approach to every bit – and that matters.


Laura Mynahan
Build Implementation Manager

Laura leads Element’s implementation team.  She is an interior designer with over 25 years’ experience in the project management, programming, and space planning of financial, educational, and government facilities.  From the conceptual phase through final design, her responsibilities have included client interviews, finish selections, vendor relations, specification writing, and construction documentation.  She has developed numerous furniture and equipment packages, as well as signage and wayfinding systems for clients. 

Laura received her M.B.A. from Southern New Hampshire University, and B.S. in Interior Design from Wentworth Institute of Technology.


Lauren Shaw
Contract Administrator/Promotional Marketing Specialist

Lauren first began her career as an intern with Element. After graduating from The University of New Hampshire she expanded her role into accounting as well as becoming a promotional marketing specialist helping banks and credit unions develop brand awareness through promotional products.  Lauren supports the accounting team with finances and contracting.  


Mack Erickson
Senior Account Executive

Mac has worked nearly 25 years within financial services industry, gaining valuable experience on both sides of the table.  Mac developed his passion for expansion initiatives overseeing branch development for a large credit union and has continued this as an account executive.  Mac listens, learns and conveys opportunities that work for his partners.  He has a charismatic nature that clients embrace wholeheartedly because Mac goes well beyond the numbers.  Mac is on a mission every day to share his knowledge, implement engaging solutions and develop long lasting business relationships.


Nathan Henry
Project Manager

As a Project Manager for Element, Nathan coordinates with the design team (architects, engineers, general contractors, and others) by gathering and distributing information that each company on the project requires to complete the project properly and on time.  Nate also ensures that the projects
stay on schedule with respect, efficiency, budget
review and accountability.


Nicole Marsh  
Senior Graphic Designer

Nichole’s specialties include print media, branding, color exploration and environmental design which she applies to creating dynamic and effective design interiors for all Element clients. Nichole holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Keene State College.


Troy Gilbert
Manager of Digital Services

Troy loves helping clients implement their digital messaging to engage their customers. Troy joined the company in 2017 after a career in data analysis and is bringing that tool to Element to benefit our clients. No matter if the branch is looking for a technological refresh or it’s a new build and the focus is the newest equipment, Troy can fill the bill. When he’s not on the lookout for the latest and greatest in digital hardware he enjoys playing golf, kayaking and taking naps.