St. Helens Community Credit Union’s flagship branch is among one of our more interesting projects. It was a relocation of a proto-type branch into a new facility, and it was the client’s mission to elevate their center to the next level. Located in St. Helens, Oregon, this branch is a 2,900 square foot, full-service banking center. Rather than implement a ‘future bank’ design, the client wanted the experience of the St. Helens branch to be similar to that of being ‘at home’. The included photos illustrate that experience, and the incredible architectural design of the new building.

The new branch is a classic post-and-beam, open-concept structure with high ceilings. The client chose to use a traditional teller line, rather than introduce modular teller pods. There is a fireplace, a comfortable waiting area, and creative lifestyle graphics that draw people in to the relaxing, Oregon vibe. We did a complete design and fit-out that aligned perfectly with a rendering that had been done a year earlier. Our implementation of large wall graphics and furniture selections made the natural experience of the region complete.

Because this was a proto-type model, we first established the overall design. This included material selection and communication with the client. They wanted the look and feel to compliment the local region of Oregon, and the project team worked diligently to ensure every design decision supported that goal. We used neutral colors in association with contemporary design elements of wood and metal. We also introduced relevant technology, including a tech-bar area.

The well-thought-out strategies and solutions we incorporated into St. Helens resulted in a beautiful credit union. The client was in a new location, outfitted with the some of the most advanced technology available in the banking industry. Our design elements were able to keep the client true to their local roots, while being contemporary and competitive in the marketplace.