OCCU strives to make a difference in the lives of their members and in their communities. With a motto like this: "We believe in providing more than you expect, and everything you deserve" we couldn't help but provide the same experience for OCCU's team when it came to their renovation. Our new branch design for them in Salem, OR, as well as, their University Duck store encompasses everything their members deserve when they walk into the space.

Element was given the opportunity to build an entirely new branch from the ground up. Some of the key features in this branch are an internally lit ATM in the vestibule which draws attention to the branch, Universal banking which encourages employees to be out and about on the floor to service customers, this allows each individual the ability to perform any task needed by a customer. We also implemented a Teller pod for quick and convenient transactions (located in the back to lead customers through the entire space to experience the space as a whole).

Along with the previously mentioned features we also created flexible space so all desks and cabinets are mobile and easily to re-arange in the space to best serve their customers needs, glass walls for offices to create visibility and maintain an open concept feel, Interior interactive ATM to train older customers, branded aspects to bring in the community and link the CU with the surrounding community and finally a feature wall of technology (digital screen and computer station for customers to do online banking & an interactive ATM).

Along with the new branch build in Salem, we were also able to transform part of the University of Oregon's bookstore into space efficient branch. We developed this branch off of the Salem branch while adding ‘campus flare’ through our choice of materials, and design. Using similar features such as glowing green LED lighting allowed us to create an eye-grabbing design that draws foot traffic through the branch and the bookstore.

Our cohesive branding was designed using black and white imagery of the community to give the branch a relatable and friendly feel as you walk through. Lastly, the exterior ATM also mimics the Salem branch with a glowing bright green surround making it noticable to any passerby.