About Hawaii State Federal Credit Union

Hawaii State Federal Credit Union (HSFCU) is a federally chartered credit union headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii and is the largest credit union in the state. The Hawaii Territorial Employees’ Federal Credit Union was founded in 1936 by 15 government workers. The credit union later changed their name to what it is today and is the founding member of the Hawaii Credit Union League, an association of credit unions in Hawaii.


HSFCU is one of the state’s leading financial institutions and they’re continually integrating new and innovative technologies to offer members greater convenience. That includes a mobile app to help members manage their accounts on the go as well as a full range of financial services, including savings and checking accounts, mortgage loans, Home Equity Lines of Credit, debit and credit cards, as well as some of the best loan rates around.


The Challenge

Hawaii State Federal Credit Union was tasked with figuring out how to evolve in a digital world while maintaining the same level of member satisfaction and utmost security you would expect from a branch. It can be a daunting challenge for any financial institution.


When HSFCU was first throwing around the idea of building a brand-new location, they knew they needed to break the mold. That’s why they reached out The Element Group knowing that Every Bit really does Matter!


The Strategy

Members of Hawaii’s executive team traveled to quant Portsmouth, NH to visit Element headquarters. It was a total of four days discussing the strategy, environment, as well as various ways to improve the member experience.


In addition to the meetings and discussions, the team at Element took the Hawaii team to Boston to tour multiple “branch of the future” locations for inspiration as well as experience beautiful New England.


Over the next several months, the team from Hawaii and the team from Element worked their way through concepts, schematics, and design development documentation. Since then, a variety of specialists have come together to bring this project to fruition. All of the millwork and materials were manufactured in a Phoenix location, then carefully packaged, crated, and shipped to Honolulu.


Branch in a Box

The teams reconvened in Phoenix, Arizona to review all of the millwork and catch up on the digital touch experience. All of the branch elements were then shipped to Hawaii in one large 40’ container, everything packaged and protected in wooden crates. This included all of the millwork, the ceiling tiles, flooring, lights, doors, digital hardware, computers, hardware, and so much more.


By packaging an entire branch into a shipping container, this type of shipment allowed for quicker delivery, immediate start to construction, and a much faster installation. It is a more sustainable, organized, and efficient option to the normal (and slow) process typically reserved for putting a new branch together.


Hawaii State Federal Credit Union is the first credit union to make use of this unique service. Shipped out of Phoenix in May, the transporters were provided with a complete photo gallery detailing the assembly process and ensuring that the buildout matched the renderings exactly as designed.


What ended up being 28 packages and 24,000 pounds of weight, arrived safely in Honolulu after being at sea for approximately a month. The implementation team went to work right away constructing the branch in preparation for the soft opening slated for the end of July.


Every Bit Matters


A great amount of time and effort went into the planning and design for the new branch–a true branch transformation project. From the moment you enter through the door, digital technology is at the forefront and Hawaii State Federal Credit Union’s new branch in Salt Lake is unlike any other local credit union or bank.


The focal point of the new branch are two self-serve kiosk Interactive Teller Machines (ITM); which is a first in Hawaii. The ITMs combine traditional ATM functionality with greater self-serve capabilities completely changing the banking experience. The ITMs are integrated with Hawaii State Federal Credit Union’s core program which gives members access to all their accounts from checking and savings to personal loans and mortgages. This enables members to do nearly everything a traditional teller can like make their loan payments, transfer funds, withdraw cash and coin in multiple denominations and deposit up to 50 checks at a time all by themselves.


Hawaii State Federal Credit Union ITMs are also the first in the nation to feature palm vein authentication. Members can access their accounts by a simple wave of their hand taking the fuss out of finding their ID or remembering account numbers. Of course, member specialists are available to guide customers through this new experience.


Additionally, the new branch design offers two digital “touch tables” which are essentially two giant tablets that double as tabletop counters for members to browse credit union offerings. Also, a digital check-in system at the entrance queues members in line and lets member staff know what the customer’s needs are so the services can be custom tailored. Lastly, a rolling barn door transforms a private consultation room into an additional teller station when required.


The Benefits

Hawaii State Federal Credit Union has experienced tremendous growth over the past 5 years. The new Salt Lake branch had to not only live up to members expectations, but also thoroughly exceed them. The new branch has allowed Hawaii State Federal Credit Union to;

  1. Provide a deeper level of support to branch members by offering a wider variety of tools to deliver credit union services

  2. Leverage digital experiences to keep members engaged with Hawaii State Federal Credit Union

  3. Ensure credit union employees are cross trained to deliver exceptional support to all members


Next Steps

To learn more about how The Element Group can transform your financial institution into a cutting edge digital customer experience, contact our team today!

To learn more about our digital experience offerings, visit our digital experiences page: https://go.everybitmatters.com/digital-experience-displays