Renovating an outdated branch with more square footage.


Dirigo needed a full branch renovation and transformation. Their goal was to take an outdated physical branch into the modern retail banking age. The bank requested a “more personable interior”. This meant designing a branch that was lighter, brighter, and bigger; it needed to be more accessible from the outside in. 

Signature elements were brought in to every part of this renovation project. Bigger windows and a painted ceiling allowed for more light to enter the interior and improved the view from the outside looking in. An Addition allowed for more office space, a break room, a copy room, a conference room, and another bathroom. A tech bar, a teller bar, graphics, digital messaging as well as a relocated and renovated ATM were all part of this project. 

Dirigo (formerly Rainbow) needed a full branch transformation from a re-branded name to a revitalized branch experience. The goal was to renovate the old dark minimally accessible building into a brighter, lighter, and more accessible, engaging space. 

The design was based on retaining the original site but renovating from the just the bones of the building. The design concepts showed bigger windows, painted ceilings, and an addition to add more square footage. Accessibility was improved with an ADA ramp and push button doors to get through the front door along with a shelter to protect the surface of the ramp during inclement weather. 

Implementation & Engagement
A diverse array of signature elements were implemented into the Dirigo branch renovation project. From added square footage, a lighter modern design, more sustainable materials from the floors to the lightiing, to digital messaging and promotional merchandise to showcase the new look and feel of the rebranded branch. 

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