Established in 1986, Denali State Bank maintains five bank branches and one ATM location throughout Fairbanks, Alaska. Locally owned, the bank is well-recognized throughout the region and dedicated to fostering economic growth within the community. In addition to its longstanding brick and mortar locations, banking customers are able to manage cash and pay bills online for convenient access. Catering to both personal and business accounts customers realize a full service banking experience whether they are at the teller line or exploring investment opportunities.

While popular within the community, Denali State Bank wanted their branch interiors to represent a fresher and more modern look - from the fixtures to furniture - when it came to capturing and retaining client interest. In business for more than 25 years, the time was fast approaching to create a more appealing environment that took the focus from the teller lines to the entire branch environment - which ranged from 2,000-3,000 sq. ft. of cross-selling opportunities.

In addition to layout concerns, ensuring a consistent bank brand from signage to promotional material was crucial. The management team was busy addressing these issues during 2012, and started by meeting with local architects and marketing agencies to determine a solution for building updates with consideration to customer retention. The opportunity to attract not only a younger consumer audience, but new businesses looking for growth opportunities within the Fairbanks region, was at stake.

With a finalized budget, the renovation funds needed to cover branch furnishings, spatial planning and way finding, signage, promotional materials, and branding. In addition to budget concerns, the bank needed to remain fully operational during the renovation process.


After meeting with multiple bank design firms, Denali State Bank selected Element to undertake a complete bank refresh/remodel campaign in order to create a better experience for customers and employees alike. While making sure to stay true to their initial budget plans, company founders arrived on site and worked with the bank’s decision makers to engage local construction and trade crews for millwork, environmental graphics and merchandising, and spatial planning.

Denali State Bank management needed a partner with the ability to not only manage the construction phase, but offer valuable marketing solutions throughout each location as well. Since Element is a full service provider of retail integration with a specialty in the financial services industry, they were able to bring in architects, local construction teams, and deliver promotional solutions from signage to drive-thru opportunities and giveaways. Because Element readily integrates retail environments into the banking experience, Denali State Bank has continued to engage the company for future projects.