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Our Client Conversation pieces are designed to share the foundations of client partnerships with Element.  Furthermore, they’ll reveal the dynamic stories about the partnerships that have melded together in a modern branch transformation that embraces the brand standards and vision for your financial institution.

“I’m happy to introduce Element’s the first issue of ‘Client Conversations’ – one of several to come in the future!  Today we feature Ish Eustaquio with Hawaii State Federal Credit Union.  I remember the first time we spoke; 2011, I was driving from San Jose to Sacramento for a meeting and 2 hours later I told him that I would have to call him back as I had to run into my meeting.  We just clicked, that’s the only way to define our rapport.  When I joined Element and he joined Hawaii State, he knew that he could trust in me to bring to life what they need.  I’m so excited that Element and Hawaii State have partnered to deliver their next level of branch solutions.” - Mac Erickson, Account Executive, Element