Citizens National Bank had a long-standing relationship with our team, beginning with the design of their prototype branch at Beaird Tower in Shreveport, Louisiana. Soon after the acquisition of seven new locations in the Springhill District, three in Shreveport, and a downtown investment center required immediate updates to their retail banking environments. Through it all, adherence to the original bank prototype model would be used as these locations were branded under the name Citizens Bank and Trust.

The roll out of the new locations required careful planning. Therefore, Element conducted a site analysis for locations, looking first at opportunities for re-branding before initiating the design phase. Merchandising was based on the original signature prototype and included a customer coffee area, vinyl window banning, feature panels, branded kiosk, welcome wall, color palette, and ATM wraps.

Multiple on-site visits and daily communication were had between the bank and our management team. We were happy to have local contractors perform all the interior work, while vendor discounts were considered to maximize costs. The entire project was completed within 3 months.