Blue Hills Bank in Westwood, MA is an aesthetically stimulating space with vibrant, almost electric appearing blues, as well as, a clean, clutter-free space that makes it welcoming and easy to navigate while still making the smaller 2,300 square foot space seem more spacious. Element had already been involved with seven previous Blue Hills Bank branches by the time we started our work on the branch in Westwood and therefore this branch became an extension of what we had already done graphically, architecturally and technological in the other locations, which are now defined elements of the Blue Hills Bank brand. However, our work on the other locations, were renovations on what was already in place, while Westwood was a new construction. This was a start to finish project involving architectural design, interior design and graphic design.

The Westwood branch is part of a plaza style complex so we had to integrate the Blue Hills Bank desired build out into the architectural design of the plaza. This included the challenge of dealing with two large exterior towers, but also allowed for great brand exposure from the road. We also had to incorporate custom exterior signage, including directional signs and A.T.M. signs. We applied two acrylic lit panels onto the towers, of which might have been our biggest challenge within the project, but had a great end result. Blue awnings were installed above the exterior windows for a nice finished look, we found that customers connect with and find inviting.

On the interior, we brought forward the brand identifiers such as color schemes, logos and fonts and applied them to dramatic wall graphics, A.T.M. surrounds and window branding. We used warm paint colors, larger warm-colored fabrics to compliment the Blue Hills blue.  We also included large windows to bring in the natural lighting and natural elements used outside such as fieldstone to create the connection between the interior and exterior of the bank.

Because of the smaller space we incorporated oval and curved shapes create an inviting, user-friendly flow without any sharp corners to bump into. A sculptural teller bar, of which is very untraditional for a bank teller line makes the customer feel like there in what is more like a retail line rather than a rigid bank line.

Seen upon entering the bank is The Discovery Wall, which is a main feature of the interior design. Being back lit this is a very visible element and projects well to the outside of the bank.

It was our goal to bring a tech savvy appearance while also remaining open and spacious, but not too sterile. The result is an incredibly bright, modern space that makes a great example of what new bank construction looks like.  As is becoming true with all of our work, Westwood includes state-of-the-art, interactive technology such as touch and digital screens.