A Case Where "Every Bit Matters"

Here at Element, we often refer to the company tagline of "every bit matters." We stress the small things, saying that those things are what may set companies apart.

When representatives from Element flew out ot Hawaii for the opening of HSFCU's Salt Lake branch, they experienced the effect of their own tag line.

12 hours total, the flight to Hawaii State FCU was split into two different parts. The first leg of the journey went through Minneapolis. Upon a late arrival, Element's reps realized that in order to get to the flight headed into Honolulu, they would have to run. The gate of the flight that they were on was far from the next boarding gate and they thought it would be a tight squeeze. To their surprise, there was a gentleman waiting inside the ramp area, looking for the passengers bound for Honolulu. When the people from Element passed, he quickly led them down the stairs that were attached to the gate and onto the tarmac.

He explained that he was part of Delta’s Elite Services and as part of their Surprise and Delight Porche Program, they try to find people that are stretched for time and bring them right to their flight. A quick ride in a Porsche Cayenne brought the reps to the set of stairs connected to their next flight. This small act of kindness relieved a great deal of potential stress and demonstrated that the little “bits” truly matter.


Written by Bryn Baldasaro for The Element Group.