Interior designer at Element, Caleigh Pollard, isn’t just the company’s “do-it-all” employee, she’s also now NCIDQ certified.

On paper, Caleigh Pollard’s official title reads “interior designer.” But in reality, her colleagues will be the first to tell you, it actually should read “Jackie of All Trades.”

That’s because from the moment Caleigh Pollard was hired by Element in 2012, her hands have – in some way, shape, or form – touched every project. From being the main point person interfacing with the client, traveling across the country for site surveys, building the vision boards for what a branch will look and feel like (not to mention how it will function), overseeing graphic installations, to personally inspecting every piece of furniture before install, Pollard has done it – and more.

“She is a very quick learner and especially fast at processing information,” says Brian Judd, senior architectural and interior designer at Element, a lead designer on projects who Pollard always assists. “Whatever you throw at her, she’ll do it, then emerge as an expert at it.”

And as of June 2018, Pollard, who graduated from Boston’s Wentworth Institute of Technology with a bachelors in interior design, has one more title of expertise to add to her ever-growing roster: her NCIDQ certification. The acronym for National Council for Interior Design Qualification, the certification serves at the highest standard of competency for interior designers – and essentially means you aren’t just skilled in creating attractive spaces optimized for functionality, but an authority in Life Safety & ADA codes, sustainability guidelines, FF&E selections/specifications, CDs, and Contract Administration. Requiring three rigorous tests, it’s definitely not a title you gain overnight.

“It took somewhere around three to four years of studying and taking tests on top of my full-time workload,” says Pollard. “But it’s worth it because it’s the most prestigious title you can have in this industry, separating you from everyone else.” Element recognized it too – in fact, the company paid for all her testing.

As for how this translates to her role at Element, it also means she’ll be serving as the lead designer on more and more projects, designing the spaces from a shell, selecting finishes and furniture, and evaluating how consumers interact with the space, whether that means digital signage, teller pods, or ITMs (Intelligent Telecommunications Management). “That’s where my passion lies,” says Pollard. “My favorite part is always at the beginning of the project, after I learn about the client, what is important to them, and how they hope to connect with their consumers. Because then I get to start dreaming about the ‘what ifs’ and how I can bring these amazing spaces and experiences to life for our clients.”

About Element

Element provides niche expertise in design, build, and engagement services for financial institutions. We believe that the minuscule details – and a lot of them – are what make the ultimate difference. Element was founded in 2011 by industry veterans William Foley and Nathan Baldasaro with a combined 42 years of experience in the retail banking sector.  Element serves as the complete package for financial institutions looking to modernize how they interact with their customers. Operations stem from their headquarters in Portsmouth with offices in Seattle, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, and Miami, and are led by a team that is dedicated to implementing high-tech experiences with signature solutions. At the core of the Element team’s work is the desire always to go a bit beyond expectations every time to give that extra edge of service – service that converts a first-time client into a life-long partner, while transforming the banking experience from traditional brick-and-mortar branches into engaging retail-type economic environments with mass appeal. From Element’s signature creative designs to the quality of the building foundation, to the digital content on displays that engage customers, every element of your financial environment becomes relevant to the next generation of financial consumers. To us, every bit matters.

Having worked with hundreds of financial institutions, Element operates from their headquarters in Portsmouth with offices in Seattle, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, and Miami. For additional information, please visit Element’s website at or call 603-319-8951.

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