3 Tips to Improve Promotional Marketing

Everyone has it.  Often times too much of it.  Unfortunately, many promotional items are just that-stuff.  However through brand extensions, it does not have to be that way. Why add to the clutter?  Why not add value?  The industry of “promotional marketing” is something that companies all over the world are striving to master.  Here are three tips to help companies do just that:

1. Quality over Quantity

Instead of buying cheap items in bulk to mass distribute, invest money in fewer  higher quality items that customers would appreciate receiving.  Do not throw a lot of unwanted merchandise in their faces that they are just going to dispose of later.  The sayings “less is more” and “getting more bang for your buck,” summarize the value of spending just a little bit more. Entrepreneur showcases a great article on the importance of quality.

2. Hangtags

These inexpensive add ons can significantly increase the look and feel of a product and convey a lot of useful and fun information about a company and what it does.  Hangtags used to be relatively simple and underappreciated, however, many businesses are taking advantage of the marketing opportunities that the industry provides.  A large variety of options are available, including, but not limited to: leather, cardstock, cork, and canvas. These out-of-the-box materials draw the eye and add value to whatever is being distributed.