Berkshire Bank in Massachusetts has relied on Element for its branch modifications for the past ten years. When they acquired over 20 branches throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York, they were in need of many services in an effort to bring brand consistency across all of their retail environments in multiple locations. Changes were needed throughout these locations to bring them up to date in a timely manner. The bank partnered with Element to make updates to their burgeoning network with a goal to develop a merchandising program representative of the bank brand. In addition to branch renovations, the project also included a complete interior fit out for their five de novo branches.

Element approached the project with an in-depth onsite strategic analysis. During this first step, company founders evaluated the conditions of the newly acquired branches which would require many updates to match the banks retail brand. As a result, the bank selected a Signature Element Group Package design which included: environmental graphics, in-branch merchandising, drive up merchandising, window displays, way-finding, and finally compliance signage.

During the implementation the bank requested we use local contractors and installers when possible as they wanted to invest in their local community. It is not uncommon for banks and credit unions to request local resources, and Element is always willing to accommodate these requests. For this project, we still subjected these vendors to our approval process prior to bringing them on board.

The successful implementation met its one year time requirement and allowed the bank to realize brand consistency across three state lines.