Popular Bank in Brooklyn, NY, is another new client for Element. The result of our first project with Popular was a successful branch that is right at home with all the heart and soul this famous borough is about.

In addition to our new relationship with Popular Bank they did some amidst work with an internal designer on some rebranding of their identity. We had to connect and align with what the Bank was doing in real time and developed our ideas accordingly.

The branch has an all glass front on a main street so we wanted to project as much of the inside of the branch as possible to the outside, especially since there are no other windows in the space.

Architecturally we began by creating zones within the branch so customers can identify the different areas and functions of the branch. We were able to create distinctive spaces by incorporating different, but complimentary materials such as a wood ceiling, tile floors, a millwork façade’ and sculptured walls. Big, sweeping, sculptured walls are a main feature that helps limit the rectangular form of the building. A beautiful curved wall wraps around and behind the teller line highlighting the Popular brand.

Upon entering guests are greeted by a host and then are offered coffee. This point they are announced as being in the branch either by the host or a technology check-in point.

A truly unique decorative element within this branch is the photos we contracted to be taken of the surrounding neighborhood. Scenes of Brooklyn make the space very artistic and instantly familiar to guests.  This photographic element worked so well it will be included in all the Popular Community Banks in the future.

Also an unique aspect about this project are the touch screen technology that we got to design as part of our interior creative. We designed the digital content including a Solutions Center, which are two 48” screens that customers can have interaction with in order to learn about bank products and services. This technology also includes all bank brochures that can be easily printed or sent directly to the customers to view at their later convenience.